Signature Chocolate

(Student Profit - 50%)

Students will have the opportunity to sell Signature Chocolate from Tuesday February 22nd through Friday March 11th. Students will sign out boxes starting on Tuesday February 22nd. Each box contains...

Each carrier includes: Certified Peanut Free

• 18 chocolate almond bars

• 18 chocolate caramel bars

• 12 chocolate crisp bars

• 6 bags of traditional gummy bears (2.75 oz bags)

• 6 bags of sour gummy bears (2.75 oz bags)

*Only the Chocolate Bars are 100% Certified Peanut-Free

  • Students will sell each item for $1 and are responsible for selling the entire box of 60 items once they have signed it out.

  • Students can start by signing out 1 box.

  • Once they have sold that box, they may sign out another.

  • The last day to sign out a box is Friday March 4th.

  • Students will receive 50% profit ($30 per box) and this 50% will be added to their Student Choral Accounts to cover choral expenses (Fair Share Assessment, Choral Attire, Field Trips...)

  • Money will be due back on Friday March 11th.

  • For each box signed out, students will need to return $60 on the due date regardless of how much of the box is sold. They may continue to sell leftover chocolate past the due date to reimburse themselves.

  • Each student is responsible for the full cost of the box of chocolates they signed out. Partial boxes cannot be turned in on the due date for any credit.

  • Students may sell Signature Chocolate at school and any other places you choose.