Signature Chocolate & Gummy Bears

(Student Profit - 50%)

Students will have the opportunity to sell Signature Chocolate from Friday February 3 through Friday February 17. Students will sign out boxes starting on Friday, February 3. Boxes include:

  • Students will sell each item for $1 and are responsible for selling the entire box of 60 chocolate bars or 30 gummy bear packets once they have signed it out.

  • Students can start by signing out 1 box of each.

  • Once they have sold that box, they may sign out another.

  • Students will receive 50% profit ($30 per box) and this 50% will be added to their Student Choral Accounts to cover choral expenses (Fair Share Assessment, Choral Attire, Field Trips...)

  • All money is due back Friday February 17th.

  • For each box signed out, students will need to return $60 on the due date regardless of how much of the box is sold. They may continue to sell leftover chocolate past the due date to reimburse themselves.

  • Each student is responsible for the full cost of the box of chocolates/gummy bears they signed out. Partial boxes cannot be turned in on the due date for any credit.

  • Students may sell Signature Chocolate at school and any other places you choose.